Recently I've been smoking weed since about March 2016 I usually smoke every night .. Some nights 2 blunts occasionally once on 4/20 I smoked about 3. Never had a problem with weed  til a couple days ago when I was smoking a blunt I was feeling fine even walked around the block with my friends. Maybe an hour and a half later I felt my heart get kinda heavy very irritating chest pain .. I felt very sick and dizzy and my vision became kinda blurry it just hit me out of no where ! And before I knew I passed out and the side of my face smacked the pavement hard. I was out for maybe 5-10 secs when I got up I was sweating and I felt very hungry and weak.. Idk what Happened ! The only thing I did differently was I was pretty hungry before I smoked I didn't eat nothing figuring I'll just smoke and get the munchies and eat after. As in my life style I'm not that healthy and I do have diabetes type 2 it never give me problems so idk if my health had something to do with it or it's because your not suppose to smoke (I only smoke gas) on an empty stomach and that's what made me sick. I'm kinda scared to smoke again, but I really like smoking, it really made me feel happy and relaxed.. What could it have been?