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I have just started using the tanning bed for the first time in my life. I am from Florida where I was exposed to the sun and beach all the time. I have been going everyday for a week now. The first time I went it looked like there were hickies on my breasts after I got out?? I didn't think much of it until they started itching. A couple days later that marked my one week tanning, a couple hours after I tanned (20 min) I started itching all over. I noticed underneath my breasts, upper abdomin I had broke out into tiny red bumps, barely raised. Itched like hell. It was also all over the middle of my back. I am not new to tanning in general, I use to tan all the time at the beach in Florida. I am on implanon the birth control. I started using tanning lotion a couple days after I started tanning. Whats wrong with me? I've been doing a lot of research and honestly I don't think Im allergic to the light.. I've been exposed to sun all my life? Should I be worried?


This is very interesting, the same thing is happening to me - and I also have the implanon. I am having the implanon taken out next week since it has caused all sort of issues for me 2 years after having the device. Out of no where I broke out in hormonal acne, and started get a hoarse voice. I do not recommend keeping it in....then again everyone reacts to things differently.