I'm new to this so I would like to say hey to everyone! Anyways first off my period is supposed to come on tomorrow. But tue(aug.10,2010) and weds(aug.11,2010), I spotted some brown and kinda red blood then my period"I guess" came on thurs(aug.12,2010) for only 3 days the first day was kind of heavy with red dark blood but not as heavy as usuall. On day 2 it was still dark red but a lot lighter and day 3 I spotted red blood for like 3hrs then after that I saw like white dishcharge from that point on. I'm really confused because I've always had an normal period and usually for 5days straight I don't know what to think. Is this my period or implantation bleeding? if anyone has any advice or comments to what they think is goin on I would appreciate it so much!! Thanx!!