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im a 19 yeas old male teen or young adult. After a massive outbreak of acne, which is much better now, suddenly i keep having pimple appearing under my nose.

most of them are at the place below my nostril and near it, sometimes even in my nostril. What does this shows? Its itchy and irritating, painful if pop.



You are in age where you body is still experiencing changes and pimples are not that rare in boys at your age. You have to understand that you probably have first mustaches and if you are shaving these can easily be razor burns. The fact is that this is not something to worry too much about and it should pass in a day or two. You should try to use some aftershave to avoid any possible infections. Also there is a chance that your skin I becoming more oily and there for you will notice more pimples on your skin. Are you physically active? Do you exercise regularly? This can also influence onset of the bumps.

Good luck,