I had a radical nephrectomy near three weeks ago. I would like to set at ease anyone who is about to have a similar operation. I had laparoscopic surgery. I had some pain on return to the ward three hours after but soon was only using paracetamol for relief. I was sitting up in the evening and ate a light meal as well. Turning over in bed was painful and getting in and out of bed was very difficult at first but it got easier as time went on. I came home after 2 days and have got better and better. One of my son's moved in for a week to look after me until I was able to move around more easily and do things for myself. I had constipation for 5 days and was always falling asleep at the drop of a hat until the end of there first week. I am ready to drive again and hope to start that tomorrow. Although I am being careful about lifting too much I am basically pottering about doing light housework. I started to go out for a walk after five days and now I can walk around town and enjoy my freedom again. I sometimes get tired but I find it amazing that I have had a major organ removed in less than three weeks. I have been lucky.