I had a radical nephrectomy in September of 2006, as a treatment for Stage 1 Renal cell.
The experience was not as bad as some had warned me it would be.
While it wasn't pleasant, I was ready to return to work in 6 weeks.
The first month was the toughest, where sneezing, and riding in a car where the most difficult tasks.
I have experienced no adverse effects, and have lived pretty much a normal life, since the surgery.
The only thing that I have noticed a change in, is my capacity for liquids has decreased.
I feel full more quickly than I used to, when drinking liquids.
I used to drink a lot of water, and could drink 2 to 3 16oz bottles in an hour or so. I now feel full after just one bottle, and have to consume it more slowly than in the past.
I do not have to urinate any more frequently, I just feel full more quickly.
The same is true for my beer consumption. I used to consume 2 or 3 12 oz bottles in an hour or so, but I nopw feel full after just 2 or 3.
I am told that this is a good thing:)