Hi, I couldn't find a similar topic to this, though I found many on rectal bleeding, I felt my case was different enough to warrant a new thread.

I suffer from periodic hemorrhoids, which I get at least twice a year at varying intensities. Today was particularly different. While I felt like I was getting a hemorrhoid earlier in the day, when I used the bathroom my sh*t came out with a red tinge. Since then my entire rectal area feels similar to putting alcohol on a newly shaven area... except constantly. To make matters worse... every time I dab it with toilet paper, i get little spots of blood, all over, exactly like I would get if I'd shaven my chin badly and left little cuts all over.

The only reason I haven't seen a doctor yet is because I have had bleeding hemorrhoids before which had similar effects but for a significantly shorter time span... this has been going on for at least 12 hours and isn't letting up.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.