So I've had this female issue for almost a year now, it started out with what seemed like a yeast infection or BV but hasn't ever gone away. I've been on many antiboitics, suppositories, hydrocortisone cream,lidocaine, etc, nothing has helped. I've seen 3 gynos who couldn't figure it out, then a dermatologist who said my estrogen was low in my skin so I was on vagifem for 3 months, did nothing. Then she said I have vulvadynia, put me on despirmaine to suppress the nerve endings causing my pain and sent me to vaginal therapy. In the entire 10 months this has been going on I only felt significant relief for a brief 2 week period and then it came back even worse. There's no itch, just horrible burning pain like my crotch is on fire and even spreads to my inner thighs too and anus. My parts get visibly red and inflamed. I wear all cotton underwear, don't shave, use unscented soap but never down there and no perfumes. I've had no prior history of anything like this, the only significance is that I started having sex for the first time ever. I had no issues to start with but I was on BC and we used condoms, we stopped using condoms and I was still okay, got one yeast infection though it went away. Then this started after we came back from vacation in vegas. We had sex after being in a hot tub so I assumed I got something from it but it never went away regardless of all the treatments I went through. (Fluconazole,clinimiycin suppositories, Azithromyicn.)


I've beeen tested for every STD, yeast, bacteria, you name it. I've tried all the natural remedies I can find and the ONLY thing that brings me temporary relief is ice packs and epsom salt baths. Recently I returned to my Dermatologist and she took a sample of my cells down there and  said my white blood cell count was high down there due to obvious inflamation so I'm on 10% hydocortisone suppositories for 4 weeks, no improvement, now she wants me to try Clinamycian suppositories, which I've done in the past and it didn't help then at all.


I'm really at a loss as to what to do anymore. My boyfriend and I can only manage to have sex once a week or so and it's always painful for me in one way or another. (both internally and externally) Lubrication helps but I'm still in horrible pain for days afterward. We did try abstaining for a while but it didn't help any. I stopped my birth control to see if that would effect anything and it did not. I'm going to try to see some more specialists to try to figure out what this is, it's terrible!I just was curious if anyone had similiar experiences or suggestions?I'm open for anything at this point.I just want to be pain free and normal again! :(


P.S. My mom used to get lots of weird issues when she had sex with my dad, but they were actual yeast infections that she got frequent treatment for. I've been tested for yeast multiple times during all this and they never find any evidence of it or any infection. I have no weird discharge, sometimes itch but only once in a while and it's never significant. It also really burns when I pee because the skin is so inflamed down there that urine touching it just hurts horribly. I've been tested for UTIS  too and its negative. Sitting is the worst agony especially driving my car,laying down seems the most comfortable..