I am an 18 year old female. I have very slight constant vaginal burning. Sometimes it goes away, but other times it comes back. When it does come back it's nothing agonizing, but it's enough to annoy me. I have been on birth control Cryselle for 3 weeks now, and am not sure if that could be causing it?? I am also under quite a bit of stress right now, and I've heard that can increase it. About a week ago the burning was way worse! But I drank a ton of water and peed a lot to clear out my system (it kinda burned, but after peeing a lot the burning subsided, but when I peed I felt the need to like... Push, and felt like there was more) & that seemed to help a lot. It kinda burns when I pee, but other times it doesn't burn. I  went to my gyno 2 days ago & my test for UTI & yeast infection came back negative. However, she found a LITTLE bit of yeast in my discharge so she gave me a perscription anti-fungal cream, anyways. I have no itching though. I believe I scratched my clit about a week ago on accident while sleeping (I put my hands down my shorts at night because it keeps my hands warm). I was looking at my vagina in the mirror & noticed a little bit of redness on my clit at the bottom, and I believe it is a scratch. The redness has gone down, but is still there, as is the irritation. I have had sex with one person, and it was with my current boyfriend who I know is clean. Plus we haven't had sex in almost 4 months, and I was fine up until about a week/week & a half ago. I have read so many horror stories on google of women with vaginal burning that just never goes away and I don't want that to be me! I really need help. Also, if it helps there was a time when I had my period (about 3/3.5 weeks ago) when I didn't shower for about 4 days, gross, I know, but I am trying to give any information I can to get a better answer. I just want to make the vaginal burning go away completely!