Hi all, about a week ago the shaft of my penis started to become extremely itchy. A couple days later I noticed a little raised bumpy circular area on the shaft, and it started burning during the beginning of masturbation (but stopped as I progressed). I stopped masturbating when this happened and noticed that the bumps had started spreading to the head of my penis. I went out and bought some anti fungal cream and began applying it a couple times a day, and although it has almost completely stopped itching, the little red bumps and that raised circular patch of bumps don't seem to be going away, and they may even be spreading (I can't really tell).

Basically, it's a bunch of little red bumps on the shaft and on the head. They look like little pimples or goosebumps, but they don't have any pus/liquid in them or anything like that. I am a virgin and have NEVER had any kind of sexual contact (oral, intercourse, anal... etc). Any suggestions on what this could be?

Thanks in advance