So the day before I started my period last week I noticed two small skin colored bumps on the right side of my labia. Within the next few days they became red and started to itch. They also hurt to touch which makes it hard because they itch EXTREMELY bad. I haven't noticed any other symptoms besides the pain and itchiness. I had a similar problem about 2 to 3 months ago and was told by the doctor that I had BV. They did tests (for stds) and they came back negative. I was relieved and began to take the meds to treat the BV but they didn't help and the itching didn't go away. Also by the time I could get an appointment to see the doctor the bumps had gone away so they never got a chance to look at them. I'm scared that I have something but the tests came back negative. Also when the symptoms began I had recently started sleeping with a new partner. We broke up and after the doctors told me I had BV I stopped worrying. I have since started dating someone new and the symptoms came back (there was a month in between where I thought whatever it was went away on it's own) he shows no signs of anything so I doubt it's any form of std. It just doesn't seem like an infection because I have no discharge just two painful to itch, itchy bumps on my labia. I guess I was just hoping someone else might have experienced something similar and could help me figure out what's going on. I have another doctor's appointment but I'm just worried they're going to tell me the same thing and get no results.