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Hi , i am a forty six yr old male who lost one of my testicles in my teens due to an accident. For the last few months i have what i can only describe as a raised red thread running from the tip of my foreskin down to my testicle. I showed my doctor and he said it was nothing. There is no pain or burning either when urinating or ejaculating , and no discharge or any sores. There is a definate lack of pressure or force when i urinate and its sometimes a trickle. Also when i ejaculate the sperm doesnt shoot out any more, it runs from the tip of my penis instead. I have always been the type of person who urinates fairly frequently and this doesnt seem any worse. Any ideas?


Hi there,

Have you noticed any boils on your penis in past several weeks? If you don’t have any discharge from your penis in my opinion you should be fine. Having no pain or irritation only shows that there is no infection in your body. You are at age where you might notice some changes in your libido and sexual activities. Your lack of one testicle might just cause that you don’t have any force while you ejaculate. How much water do you drink per day? You could have just irritated your tip of penis accidentally. Also if you changed your washing powder you might have this issue as an allergic reaction. I hope this helped  a bit.