So frustrated, I am 42, smoker over 20 years, this has caused me to finally quit!   I had a spontaneous pnuemothorax in 9/2015.   Since the end of Nov 2016, I have been sick nonstop, they diagnosed slight paraseptal emphysema, asthma and I keep getting bronchitis and or upper respiratory infections just as soon as I complete the medicine for each bout of illness (been on over 6 antibiotics, 4 rounds steroids, inhalers, nebuliser 4 x a day). All X-rays are clear, Dr ordered an angiogram of chest with dye, clear found the emphysema, so far labs ordered fine except absolute monocytes was low120. I have a constant dull ache in my right side of chest, sometimes (not nearly as often in left) , I am cobstantly getting coungested with cough and phlegm (all colors) when I am sick, no energy, headache and am out of breath from minimal activity (even talking on phone a lot) I am pulling my hair out, this can't be normal? Does anyone have anything similar? Any resolution/diagnosis?