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Hi guys, I have a question about diabetes. Has anybody reversed pre diabetes? If so I would like to hear from you. I have just been diagnosed with pre diabetes. So far my doctor hasn't given me any medications but has told me I need to lose weight, get a healthier diet and exercise regularly which I'm already doing. Will this reverse my pre diabetes or is there more to it than that? If diet and exercise are sufficient to correct pre diabetes, than why do so many people pass into full blown diabetes? Anyone have any ideas about this? Thanks


Hello there, I was diagnosed with pre diabetes some 10 years ago and my doctor put me on a strict diet and exercise regime. She told me that it was possible that I could reverse my condition if I followed her instructions to a T. I took her seriously and within 2 years my blood sugar levels normalized and they have been that way ever since. I never had to take any medication and I believe I never will. Don't get me wrong, it is difficult to adhere to such a strict diet but if you do it will be very rewarding. I know one problem I had was with alcohol. I like beer so I had to cut that out completely. I also ate a lot of fried chicken and that had to go too. But now, I have a healthy breakfast with oatmeal, fruit and an egg. For lunch and dinner, I have some protein source (I like a lot of seafood) with a healthy salad of greens with oil and vinegar. On occasion I do have a dessert but I have a very small piece. It's difficult to live without some chocolate. But, I'm very careful about the amount. So, yes I'm living proof that you can reverse pre diabetes. I understand, that many people have gone this route. They refused to take medication and got serious about losing weight and eating the right things. They got up and out doing exercises and are just fine. I wish you the best of luck in reversing your pre diabetes and I know you can do it. Keep chatting on the forums to get support. We're out here for you.