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I have been experiencing severe abdominal pain above my pelvic bone on the right side for several months now. The pain is an almost constant dull ache, and increases around the time of my period. Often times this is coupled with painful intercourse and slight spotting during intercourse. My husband and I are newlyweds, and it puts a damper on our sex life for sure.

I have seen a doctor and had an ultrasound where they have told me that everything seems normal. My doctor put me on birth control which made me severely depressed, but somewhat subsided the pain.

I'm not sure what the next step is. Help!


I have been doing this too. I just went to the doctor about a month ago and had a laproscopy to rule out endometrious, which they found a little but not a lot.
Does your pain move from side to side and even sometimes go into the tops of your thighs? I am not sure what this is but I have painful intercourse sometimes too. My pain is not unbearable but it is pretty constant. I have thought about going to as gastro doctor just to make sure it is my female parts but I don't have diarrhea and don't really feel constipated either so I am at a loss??