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hi. I am 33years old, and l have had right breast pain for 2 years or more now. I have had several mammograms, chest exrays. And, examinations from several doctors. I have been told that l have neuralgia, to inflammation on the chest wall. But the pain is so severe now, that l have 1 packet of Herron Anti - Inflammatory tablets every week. The pain goes down my right arm, to the back of my chest, almost around the lung area. It keeps me awake at night, and it won't go away. I don't like taking tablets, but the doctor says it will go away. Guess what it hasn't gone away, it is getting worse l think. Occassionally l have trouble breathing only on the side. Can you help me?


You can’t imagine how many reasons there could be of right chest pain. It could be your heart, stomach, anxiety, gallbladder and esophagus.

The problem is that it is really impossible to say without examination. It is actually almost never a sign of heart disease but very often of esophageal spasms, gallbladder problems, even liver inflammation. Have you been sent to a gastrointestinal doctor?
If nothing life threatening has been found after all of these tests, then the only thing you can do is concentrate on relieving the symptoms.