I am frustrated from the pain that I have been suffering from last 2 years. I got congested or tightened chest and ribs when I woke up in the morning, pain generally occurs on the left side of the chest and left back side, radiates from center to left side, toward the shoulders and some time to my left arm.
I cannot do anything with my left hand due to pain in back and chest, I am fed up with this pain.I have done a number of tests but haven't found any major cause for the pain:
Heart test: Echo, ECG, Trade mill test found OK
Bone test(Ortho): Chest MRI, chest XRAY, the cervical x-ray was ok, Dorsal spine ct scan tested ok but my vitamin was low earlier but now it is around 50, tested 3 months back.
Gastro: Done Upper GI endoscopy and found GERD LA grade "A" and also have Fundal and corporal erosion, mucosa of fundus and body shows superficial red erosion in the stomach, I don't know what does that mean. Done esophageal manometry test and found weak peristalsis with the large peristatic break. Barium test was ok
.Blood test: LDL level was 144
Please, anyone help me with this as I always have pain and have constantly chronic fatigue and I don't like eating much. I cannot sleep in the night some time because of the pain. I have taken pregabalin several times but doesn't work. I feel like something is stuck or pressure in my chest or esophagus, when that pressure goes I feel so much relieved.I don't know if the cause of pain related to chest ribs or esophagus, maybe it is due to gas trapped in the chest or due to achalasia, teitiz syndrome, etc please I am thankful if anyone can help me with this pain, I cannot live with this pain. I have left my job due to this pain.