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Hi there, just a few days ago I swallowed a pill the doctor had prescribed me, after swallowing it, and for 3 days after (up until now) the symptoms of various pains have gotten worse. There is pain directly in the center of my sternum, along with pains in my back. It hurts to swallow just about anything, even water, and also hurts to cough. If anybody has any relative solution to this, please share!


Hello there,

I am noticing that you have posted this question one year ago. Something similar has happened to me few days back. I was swallowing painkiller due my painful menstrual cycle, and afterwards I was feeling the pain which is still very uncomfortable, even when I am trying to swallow water.

I don’t work, so I can’t see my doctor L and I really can’t stand this pain anymore.

So I was wondering, if it is not too big trouble to you just to answer my questions. Were you diagnosed with some medical condition? If you have, what was the diagnosis and what was the treatment? I would appreciate very much your answers and thank you so much.



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Marcille, they used to have the date a post was entered so you could tell how old it was but a few months ago they decided to just say "over a year". This one could be as much as 7 years old or maybe more.

I had a problem swallowing food sometimes, that went on for many years and got progressively worse. It didn't have to be anything big but something big would most surely cause pain. It felt like it got stuck near the entrance to my stomach and every time the muscles contracted to try to move it down the pain was excruciating. It would bring tears to my eyes. When I reached the age that they began giving me pills for various things like BP etc. I found some pills were too large for me to swallow.

I had been on acid reducers for about 10 years for heartburn. About 5 years after I had heart bypass surgery I went to the emergency room for severe chest pains. The basic tests did not indicate any heart problem so they gave me something to see if it was acid reflux that had burned my esophagus. It had something in it to kill the pain instantly and an antacid. The pain went away right away and they kept me there for several hours to see if it came back when the numbing agent wore off. It didn't, which meant the antacid was taking care of it. The ER doc prescribed Prilosec and sent me home.

So now I was on Prilosec in place of the other prescription antacid pills. It worked well and a side effect I discovered later was I could now swallow any size pill without any pain and I have not had any problems swallowing since.