Hi all. Here's my issue: Since I was young (teens?) I would get, maybe once or twice a year, a flutter in my esophagus, as though blood were racing along it. A kind of trilling. My chest would feel expansive as I breathed in. A few seconds, max. Then followed by a few pronounced beats of the heart. No pain, no fainting, no sweating, nothing. There is nothing that precipitates this; it could (and has) occurred at any time of the day, and regardless of activity. I am now 59, in excellent physical health, and I mean excellent. I work out daily, play sports, etc. Very fit, solid diet, no smoking. No family history of heart disease etc. I do have a very stressful job, but I usually feel I deal with the stress productively.


About a month ago this flutter began to occur more often, and now it's every other day or so. The flutter turns into a kind of hardening, if you will, of the esophagus, temporarily. It doesn't hurt, but I can feel the esophagus, as though there's something stuck -- but that's the feeling. Swallowing is normal. I honestly can't tell if the heart "pounding" still happens.... It's all so quick and it freaks me out. Now I'm getting a LOT of anxiety, which gets thrown into the mix, and so then I think "oh no it's my heart" and the fear just makes it all worse. The esophageal feeling lasts for about a half hour then goes away. Again, no pain, no fainting, no sweating, nothing.


I have visited my GP. Got sent for an EKG and will get put on a holster, likely next week.


Any thoughts? Thank you.