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Im 17 and play football. It's out of the ordinary but after finishing my last football season I picked up doing my off-season weight lifting. I started to gain a lot of weight and got stronger but my right nipple and only right nipple got very puffy and extremely sensitive if someone touches or rubs up against it. I have heard of this being puberty but its only my right nipple, the left one is fine. suggestions on how to get this sh*t gone


You are very fortunate to be able to have some insight into what women go through each month.

This experience will make you much more considerate when your partner complains of sore nipples, or asks you to lay off handling the breasts.

It is not unusual for one nipple to be more affected than the other.

You are correct that this sometimes happens in puberty, but there are other causes as well.

I'd mention it to your doctor on the next visit, or, if you trust your high school trainer, mention it in private and ask for his input.