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5 year old has quarter size red mark of the face


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You need to take a child to a dermatologist and see what the mark could be.
If it really is a ringworm, then the child needs a treatment because other wise the infections can linger on and become chronic. And your child may spread the fungus to other children. She could have gained the fungus from an animal or another infected human.

Is this red mark on her face the only symptom she is having?

Ringworms usually appear as itchy or flaky rash that is circular in shape.
It would be best if you took your child to a doc because they can recognize the ringworm by its appearance and location and if not, they may scrape little bits of skin and have it examined.

If it appears to be ringworm, you will be given an appropriate treatment.

Even if this is not a ringworm infection, a dermatologist will be able to identify what it is.