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Okay , last week I spent the night off my boyfriend house , everything was fine I had no problems what's so ever . 2 days later I I woke up out my sleep itchy .. Itching on my back and my arm . I thought maybe a mosquito had gotten in the house and decided to snack on me so I didn't worry about the next morning I woke up , it was still inching but this time it was swollen and not a mosquito bite it was huge !! So I showed it to my mom and she assumed it was a allergic reaction from something I ate so im like ok good !! But then she looked again and said no these are ring worms . Now I have several ringworms in the past .. I have Nieces and they always seem to contract them and pass them to me but they have never been this huge .. But anywho I did what I usually do for ringworms put bleach on them .. Days later the inching stop and they where gone .. I didn't mention it to my boyfriend because I was slight embarrassed and wasn't sure if I got them from him so I kept it to myself .. Ok .. This Friday I spent the night at my boyfriend house again & guess what they are back ! Im highly pissed tbh .. Because now I'm so scared .. What is it , where is it coming from .. Is it his sheets because he washed them often .. Im confused help me


Hi there

Ringworm infection is a fungal infection spread on human contact. Chances are your boyfriend too is infected. Here is some info for you -

Like many communicable diseases, ringworm can be passed between humans through skin-to-skin contact. The fungus that causes the infection lives on the cells of the epidermis. Touching the infected area usually results in transmission of the fungus, and a person can expect to develop the characteristic symptoms of ringworm shortly afterwards.

Although ringworm prefers to live in moist dark areas on the body, it can survive for a short period of time on surfaces like combs, bedding, and clothing. Touching these items after an infected person has come into contact with them can result in an infection. Ringworm also thrives in places like shower floors and swimming pools. So you can also incur the infection by walking on floors or swimming in water where the fungus is active.

Do please inform your boyfriend and have him checked and treated too. Avoid sexual contact or body contact altogether till both of you are cured. Good luck