So I'm 20 and was never told about pulling the foreskin back. About 3 weeks ago I found out, and read that normal stretching and pulling can make it possible to retract fully with an erection.

Every other day I've been pulling gradually, and have been making progress. Until tonight...

So this morning it fully retracted while erect. Then tonight I just went for it and whacked it (for lack of a funnier term). After I finished I noticed bleeding.

2 rips ocurred in the foreskin. One of the rips is around a blood vessel, and looks like a piece is missing(I'm thinking it was just too tight and spread weird to appear to be missing since there are no chunks of skin lying around). The frenulum is fine. What do I do?

It stings. I took a quick shower to just try and clean the area. I dried off as much as possible. Do I just leave it? I'm in mild pain... somewhat stinging.

Please help. Thanks in advance.