I have smoked marijuana for 10 years daily, usually very high grade.
Finally quit about 10-11 days ago.
My worst symptom has by far been anxiety.
I have moments where my chest tightens, my hands and feet go numb, and i start to hyperventiliate.
All of this is of course described in summary as a panic attack.
I have major problems with sleeping, but have been dreaming again for the first time in a decade.
I have had panic attacks so bad that I have twice been in the ER, once with my hands completely curling up and no feeling in my face, feet, and hands.
The only thing that has helped me feel better is smoking a cigarette, drinking a beer, or taking a xanax.
I despise alcohol but the chest pain is scary and I know cigarette and beer thin the blood, and I usually feel better very quickly.
My goal is to eventually not be dependant on any substance, but until I can be free of these panic / anxiety symptoms, I consider a beer/xanax/cigarette the lesser of the evils.
Since I quit smoking weed, my sensitivity to caffiene has increased greatly, and can trigger my panic attacks.
I know many of you experience a different set of symptoms, but we all have different bodily chemistry at play.
My advice to anyone who reads this and feels they feel similar is avoid caffiene, get exercise, and eat healthy.
I almost had a panic attack again last night, due to work related stress, but was able to pull through my smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer. The panic attacks always include chest pain and my hands going numb/tingling.
I love all of you struggling along with me and I know we can beat this addiction, even though it is not easy.