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So I've been masturbating for awhile now and what I mostly do is hump my teddy bear or rub my clit. I'm kinda getting bored with that. I've heard fingering is fun, but I'm not sure how to do it. Like I don't want to mess myself up or cause cuts or infection (not really sure how strong my vagina is against infection). And I'm kinda nervous/scared.So could someone give me like a how to guide on fingering (the only thing that has been in my vagina is a tampon and I use regular)? Or maybe a how to on masturbation in general. I normally watch porn and then go straight to humping or rubbing clit. Anyone know about anal masturbation? 

Thanks so much in advanced! 

P.S I'm a virgin.


You can always use water in the tub get the stream tuning on you clit it feels so good move your vagina up and down on the stream for more satisfaction