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I am a 22 year old boy and now a days i am facing a problem of semen leakage. My semen leaks all day everytime I am aroused and it comes in drops. This happens all day long and I am very tensed. Is this a disease? If yes please suggest a remedy!


NOTE I already posted this somewhere else, but I am going to put it here too. Also, I am not a doctor, just a skeptic.

Okay, so I don't exactly have a definitive answer to this so bare in mind you might not get one, but what I know comes from a few months of internet research. So I too had been wanking it from the time I was 16 till the time I was 22, at least twice a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I noticed when I was 22 years old that I was losing my hair and was quite demoralized about it despite it being completely genetic. So from 2012 to 2013 I used monoxidil 5% to no avail.

During 2012 I noticed that I too was leaking, but I really didn't know why. I went to the doctors and originally thought it was a urinary infection. It was not. Then I went to a urologist and he said it was fine, but he wanted me to get a thyroid check, but I didn't because I thought it was a waste if time. So basically from 2013 to 2015, I did nothing about both the leakages and the hair loss because doctors were telling me it was completely normal. During that time I found a link between seminal leakages and hair loss and doctors would get defensive at even the mention that this was possible, I guess because there is no definitive research to back it up.

I basically emit minute amounts of ejaculate fluid every time I a.) get an erection (within 10 seconds or so), b). meet a girl that I have been text messaging and have been interested in or has interest in me, c). when I am around said female, d). while making a bowel movement, and e). at nights because every guy gets night and morning wood. Along with this though, I would notice that by not whacking off regularly, my body would dis-spell the semen in my body by have large night emissions called "wet dreams." This would happen when I dreamed that I kissed, fondled, or was having sex with imaginary girls in my dreams, I know, pathetic right?

So I set out on a personal quest to see what was wrong with me recently. I knew that if I didn't fix this problem, then I would never fix my hair loss problem. The first thing I did and have been doing, was stop whacking it, which is good of you to do because if done too often and wrong can be destructive. I don't care what people say, yes it might relieve stress, but it does more bad than good.

While reading internet sources, male pattern baldness is caused by a steroid called DHT shrinking your hairs and making them fall out by getting converted by Testosterone. But do you know where else DHT can be destructive? The prostate. DHT actually causes the prostate to grow, which causes a lot of problem for men like prostatitis, prostate cancer, difficulty urinating, and accord to my theory, seminal leakages. I personally don't know what I have, but I hope it isn't prostate cancer, but I think it might be prostatitis as from what I have read, I have seen that I exhibit some of the symptoms of "overused" prostatitis. You see, when you ejaculate too much, you end up tiring yourself out a lot causing the plug in your parasympathetic sexual nervous system to go out of whack causing unwanted semen to exit your body without a single sexual experience because it is what your body is used to doing it.

So two and a half weeks ago, I started taking a product called saw palmetto extract with pumpkin seed oil. I learned that this is very good for the prostate and can relieve and even repair some of the symptoms, which includes hair loss from seminal leakages. I don't want to come off as being overconfident, but while barely any of the symptoms have cleared up fully i.e. hair loss or seminal leakages, one thing is curious...

Remember when I said twice a week I would completely wet dream? Well, I haven't popped the champagne bottle while sleeping in over a week. Now, this might just be a coincidence, but there is no true way to know unless another week goes by and it hasn't happened. And here is the thing, I don't know if it is a good sign or a bad sign. I do know that monoxidil will not work until I stop the leaky faucet.

Again, there are many pills on the market and they might do what it says to do. I took something called Kugentin from herbalife, but it didn't do anything for me because I didn't take enough of the dosage. Problem is you take 4 pills a day for 15 days and it is worth 32 bucks a bottle so it wasn't worth it for me. I might go back to it, I don't know.

You have problem, see a doctor for this and they will probably tell you that you are fine, but you aren't. Seminal leakages can cause a lot of sexual dysfunctions and also causes physical fatigue. And again, doctors will not admit this for some reason. I had a doctor look at me like I was frankenstein and he told me that there was absolutely nothing that could be done. I want to prove the guy wrong. I will say though, be skeptical for what you read on the internet and make sure you do your research and review products that you by because there are a lot of crazy quacks on the internet that just want to get you to buy stuff. Again, saw palmetto is a good product to get. It might not solve your problems, but it does have a lot of ingredients that make for a healthy prostate.

Good luck and I hope this helped. Again, I am hoping it helps for my sake. Not because of my hair loss, but for my overall health.


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