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Hi, ive stumbled across this site a few times looking for some anserws to my questions but i cant seem to find a clear one so i decided to post a question, im 15, 16 in bout a month, i can pull my foreskin back over my penus head when not errected but when it is it goes most of the way but im not woried bout this coz i know it will come if i keep working with it.

My big consern is that me and my gf r thinking bout protected (condom) sex when we are both 16 and the head of my peneus is realy sensative, once i cought it on my towel in the bathroom and it made me cry out. Anyway i was just wondering can someone just please tell me a method that involes as little pain as possable to make my head less sensative???

Also another question is that if i have sex with a condom will it hurt if i have my penus head out, will the lubricant inside the condoms stop it hurting or something??


Keep your foreskin retracted for a few months and gradually it will not be as sensitive.