July 2010 I had a partial hysterectomy. During that surgery the DR A cut my bladder. (it was repaired during the surgery) Just within months I started having pain in my lower abdomin and leaking a clear fluid. (it was like a steady slow drip) Post op DR A visit pelvic exam was done and I was told everything is healed and the "drip" will stop.  About 3 months post surgery after sex I would be in EXTREME PAIN. It seemed the pain would last a couple days and getting better within that time then going away. Months past and the paid started getting even worse after sex. To the point I felt like I was in labor so my husband rushed me to the ER.  The ER doctor did not see anything and loaded me down with pain killers and told me to go to my OBGYN dr.  I made an apointment with a new dr to be checked (DR B). DR B did an ultrasound and pelvic exam and said I had a cyst that looked to have ruptured so it should go away, then he referred me to a Urologist to have my bladder checked and make sure that the leaking is not urine since my bladder was cut during the surgery.  I went through many test with the urologist and everything with my bladder came back fine. So I go back to OBGYN DR B with a heathly bladder, ultrasound did not show a cyst, BUT showed a HOLE in my vagina and he said it looks like my fallopian tube was hanging out of it. He also explained the clear fluid that I have been leaking this entire time is abdominal fluid!! He said he did not see the hole on the first untrasound due to it may have not had something hanging out at that time and may have not been as noticable since it did not have the tube hanging.  AT THIS POINT I FEEL LIKE DR A HAS GUTTED ME AND CUT 2 HOLES IN ME! One during the surgery and the second when she did not stitch me up correct and left a hold open from my abdomin to my vagina. Has anyone else had something like this happen to them? Maybe the reason I always feel so drained and week is because I'm leaking the fluid and staying dehydrated. I'm so fustrated at this time because this mess has been going on for over a year now, and TODAY I just was told what is wrong with me and why I'm having to wear a pad because I have so much clear fluid coming out. It started as a drip now it is a little more than that to the point that if I dont wear a pad my pants will have wet spots like I pee'd on myself. HELLLLLPPPP!


P.s. I'm having the hole repaired in a couple days.