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i had unprotected sex on the first day i started bleeding on my period this month but he didnt come. im worried because ive heard that you cannot get pregnant when your on your period. could i be pregnant from having sex on the first day? x


First of all the chances of getting pregnant during your period are very low although sperm can live up to 5 days it is not likely that you will get pregnant.

But you should be more careful! It is up to you to let your boyfriend to ejaculate inside of you and every time you can say no to this.


Second of all if you don’t want to have the same problems in the future and you are not big fun of condoms think about alternative methods of protecting yourself from unwanted pregnancy.


If you are not sure what is the best solution for you consult your doctor and check with him. If you are protected you will enjoy your sex life even more and afterwards you will not be worried about possible consequences.  Off course discuss with your boyfriend about this because he will probably want to say something.