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I'm 16 years old and discovered 6 months back that I have relatively severe scoliosis. I have two curves in my spine, a minor one between my two shoulder blades which has caused the muscles in my back to push to one blade causing a small bump on one side of my back. The second curve is situated towards the bottom of my spine and is curved in the opposite direction. It is roughly at a 45 degree angle and due to it my hips are uneven.

I am unsure about whether to go ahead with the sugery. Next year is an exam year for me and I don't want to spend it in pain. I have also read posts about those who have had this sugery and several years later have suffered from intense pain. I would like to hear from anyone who has had this sugery. Was it worth it?


Hello, I had surgery in 2009 to correct a 64 degree curve as well as to remove parts off my ribs. I advice you to have surgery, I missed the start of year 10 when I had mine and I still managed to keep up with work, although school days were much harder. If you'd like to know anything let me know.