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To quickly summarize - getting these red-hive like areas mainly on face, randomly at any given time of day... size/area can vary, but no larger than 1 U.S. 25 cent quarter. They are not always circular, and generally are not itchy.

Most noticeable especially when I wake up in the morning - face will look fine, and a few minutes after eliminating "1st morning urine" and then right before "brushing my teeth" or washing/splashing water face - I would get anywhere from one to two of these - always in different locations... e.g. above eyebrow, left side of my nose , side of my temples, lower mid-cheek... above mid-eyebrow, or some place on my forehead.

This will last maybe 20-30 minutes and is not itchy. But I can feel it... usually, if I try putting diphenhydramine cream (benadryl) - this will go away.

The next thing that happens by night or next day, this previous red area - turns into a very small-tiny "whitehead" - usually after rinsing or by next day, it goes away with no scar/mark - I don't need to "pop" them nor do I attempt.

Sometimes, after I shower - and come out... my ears (sometimes both or just one - becomes very red). Some days I will get the similar thing on my torso - I try to keep the water temperature lukewarm-warm.

I have tried every non-comedogenic/sensitive product... here's the kicker :

Even after just rinsing face with oil-free/sensitive/fragrance-free cleanser (cetaphil gentle or dove sensitive soap) or just water and I apply a fragrance-free/sensitive/non-comedogenic product like oil of olay sensitive or even the cetaphil moisturizers - I get this random same blotches (1 to 2 max at a time)

This has been going on for over 1.5 years. I visited a few dermatologists and they can't pinpoint the issue since it doesn't happen or stay active for that long for them to see.

They have prescribed me Renova (tretinoin) in the past and I got the same results. I've tried barrier repair creams like Cerave and Cetaphil - and I keep getting this.

I am Asian male, early 30s - trying to follow grain-free and dairy-free diet... drink 3-4 liters water a day and exercise 3x week. I drink about ~ 6-8 cups black coffee or espresso a day.

I've tried checking which foods causing this - but no luck in testing elimination. I generally don't have allergies to foods. and am not gluten-sensitive.

It's definitely not a rosacea-pattern as derms ruled this out.

I change my pillow sheets daily. I have a shower filter and air filter. I use a allergen-free laundry detergent.

I travel to other cities and get same reaction.

Certain creams/lotions with SPF 30 such as neutrogena men sensitive or aveeno positively radiant give me the worst instant allergic dermatitis reaction.

I have tried so many sensitive chemical-free sunscreen (Blue Lizard, Neutrogena Pure Free, Olay Sensitive SPF 15) and no luck.

I just tried using jojoba oil and almond oil and also tried coconut oil - I have tried just going bare with water only and nothing else for few days at a time, and I am getting the same thing.

I don't have allergies to aspirin since growing up, and I don't have a full body cholinergic urticaria like reaction.

If anyone can help direct me into what this may be  = I would be really thankful. This is literally ruining my day and esteem. It's always on my mind, and I can't even google these symptoms to find a better answer. Thank you for reading, and thank you in advance for any given help. This really really means a lot.




I don't consume sugary beverages, including sodas, fruit juices -

Still experiencing the symptoms as described above,

Anyone help?