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I am 39 years old female. I have rush around my neck that comes on and off. They are very tiny blisters that have spread on my upper stomach. I approached my Gp and she said there is nothing to worry about but prescribed a certain cream that did not seem to help them disappear. My Gp called me one time and requested me to show my blisters to her students who were on training. Whey I insisted about this she said that it was a research issue and there was nothing still to worry about. At times they get itchy. I am now concerned because they are now permanent. Please advise me.


I'm 22 years old, and I have same problem like yours!

It starts anywhere of your skin, and it's very itchy, and once when you scratch it, it will spreads more to anywhere of your body~

And whenever you don't scratch it, your temperature will keeps going up, and once when your temperature goes higher, it will starts spreads everywhere of your body!

I'm not to sure about this... but there's few things that works on me, that what I've tried before or even now!

1. Stay in any A/C areas; so it will keep down your temperature, to slow down the spreads.
2. If any how you could, take a cold shower; to cold down your body temperature, that could slow down the spreads faster though.
3. Get enough sleep; probably around 6 till 9 hours of sleeps.
4. Don't eat any sea-foods, or any spicy things at all; it will make skin-rush comes out your body easier, whenever your body feels weak (which is you can't feel when will your body be weak or not).
5. Drink "Children's Benadryl: Allergy Diphenhydramine HCI oral solution Antihistamine" (mine it's Cherry falvored ) and if you want, you could use the tiny cup from the NyQuil or DayQuil, and use that tiny cup, and make sure you drink 20mL; it will stop you to feel itchy.

6. If it already spreads anywhere higher than your neck?! Either you could still try those five things above, .... otherwise, go to hospital ASAP!

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Hello I got the same problem I didn t visit any doctor but I notice it happened to me after going to sauna last day and after eating spicy food...