20 years ago my then sexual partner started getting chicken pox like symptoms, she would get headaches, fevers, occasionally nasea, then a week or two later blister like rashes would appear on her body in different areas. A year after she started getting this I started getting the same symptoms but not as bad and only had a few blisters. I haven't had this for many years until recently. I had headaches, body aches, fever, fatigue and two weeks later I started getting rashes in different areas. They start as itchy blisters that break and scab over. This time the rash on my lower leg has not gone away,if I scratch it, it spreads. My ex claimed it was spread through close contact with the person and sex. I have had only one other g f who after being with me has occassionally one or two blisters, just like I started out. My doctor didn't know what it was said it could be any kind of virus,but  it sounds and looks like herpes. And no the doctor didn't want to do any tests on me.