A couple days ago I had touched my shaft when I noticed kinda like a warm sticky substance on my fingers. No color to it, I shook it off as nothing then when I went to the bathroom later I felt the same thing. I looked down and I saw what appeared to be two different small clusters of bumps on the base of my shaft and the top of my scrotum. I decided to wait til it healed as my friend assured me it was nothing. The bumps were like a whitish color. Two days after I noticed it kind of sticking to Each other and occasionally like a dried up pus. The pus seems to be yellow. Its been about 4 days now and I noticed its looking more like a sore and kinda like one spot. There's one area still kinda pussing. 


I been wanting to chalk it up to jock itch, as it itches occasionally and quite often I chafe from work and I walk a lot. Plus there is no pain unless i touch that area. Also no other symptoms. I was hoping someone here could help me relieve myself of the idea it might be an STD? Thank you for your time.