I have 3 small bumps that are flesh colored with a slightly whitish yellow color near the center of it . I had oral sex and i noticed they appeared within 4 days. They have stayed on my lip for 4 weeks without changing shape or form. They do not itch, they do not burn, they do not tingle when my tongue touches them. I had no swelling, no flu like symptoms. I haven't seen any pus or blood come from them, they haven't crusted over and they haven't even popped. The area around them is flesh colored, I have not seen any red so i'm suspecting it isn't herpes.

They are located on the inside of my lip so they aren't visible to anyone seeing it. I look at it closely in the mirror, but I'm unsure of what it is.

I had a condition before after oral sex where there was a hardened ball on my frenulum of the tongue but that went away when i went to see the doctor.