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How do I get rid of this mole on the back of my leg with home products ? It's red because I've been picking at it I want it gone /:


Hello Sweetiepie,

It can be very tricky trying to remove a mole with home remedies.  The safest way is to have a doctor remove it for you.  You should not pick at a mole.  Generally moles are harmless but some of them can become cancerous.  Home remedies can leave scar damage to the skin and it's possible for infection to set in.  However, you could try apple cider vinegar.  Soak a cotton gauze piece with some apple cider vinegar and place that over your mole.  Secure the gauze ball with a band aide.  Change this dressing once a day and see how your mole is progressing.  You may have to do this for several weeks depending on the size and depth of the mole.  Good Luck.