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I am on my period (irregular) I have never smelled period blood so strong b4. Now it has a vinegar odor to it. If I pull out a tampon it leaves a dead dog smell in the area. YUK. whats going on? Is it something Im taking like a pill that is making my blood stink so bad? Sometimes the odor comes out when Im having sex. This has only happened twice. I had to stop and pointed it out to my husband. Hes concerned but when arroused it almost doesnt matter. I am concerned bcuz I have never stunk b4 and if Im not wearing a tampon and I have discharge bloody or clear it stinks through my undies and short/pants. I dont want to have stinky discharge. Can someone tell me what it might b. No itching, no burning. My life is perfect, physically active just not sure why after 20 years of period and sex now I hace stinky discharge.


It sounds like your vaginal region may be too acidic. I suggest you douche with yogurt to help alkalize the pH more. Get a douche/enema bag and get some high quality, plain yogurt. You may want to go with organic yogurt. Yes, it's expensive, but it's better quality to help you out.

I also suggest you take daily probiotics. This will ensure normal vaginal flora. Go to a local health food store and buy a bottle. You want to switch around your probiotics, so once you finish off a bottle, switch to a different kind.

Doing both of these, which repopulate health flora to the vagina and alkalize the pH more, should help you have a better odor.