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Hey folks,

I was wondering, do you have any somersizing success stories out there? My niece was somersizing a few months ago, and she told me that this diet is not as successful as she was expecting to be. It was OK at the beginning, but later it was very hard to follow this diet plan.  Now, my mother wants to try out this diet, and I have told her my niece’s experience. But, she is persistent to try. Her neighbor was talking about this diet program, and she was thrilled, her daughter lives in Paris, and she has tried it, she doesn’t want to change it never!

I don’t know what to believe. My mother is pretty old lady and I am scared that some complications may occur.

Any success stories? Please, let me know! 



Hello Ronda,

In a past few years, this diet program was so, so popular in the whole world. It seems that world just was crazy about that blond girl, who was so fit, so beautiful, and that girl was trying to make people change their lifestyle and their eating plan. I don’t have any experience with this diet program, because I am just like that – when something is so popular and when someone desperately wants to follow it just because whole world was crazy about it – no tnx :)

But, I my best friend from high school, Tamara, was on this diet program. She will say pretty  OK things about this diet program. She told me that this diet is pretty complicated, that you need to really learn a lot of things, but she lost 10 kilograms in 3 months.

Is there any possibility to lose more? 



Hey everyone,

I was one of them – I was that girl who was trying somersizing diet a few years ago, just because everyone was following this diet program. At college, girls literally was crazy about this diet program, they were going to some lectures about this diet, and they were buying some books, some DVD. I was looking on them and I have decided to try it as well.

Nothing! I haven’t lost a one single pound. I must say that I was so disappointed and sad at the same time, because those girls lost some pounds. I didn’t.

So, I don’t have that success story that you are looking for. Sorry