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Hello there,

I need to tell you that somersizing low carb diet really works for me! Basically, a weight loss plan only works if you stay with it.

I don't  know about you guys, but I am happy with this one. I feel fresh, I feel clean. I eat as long as I am hungry.

I know I just started with this eating plan, but for now it is just amazing. And, I know this program can not be false, because Suzanne Somers had made a quite an impression on the diet world, right?

What about you, please feel free to post your opinion about this diet.

Thank you!



Personally I can't help you or share my experience with you, but I know some stories.

The most important thing is to follow seven simple rules about this diet program.

  • Avoid sugar,
  • Eat proteins and vegetables together,
  • Don't skip your meals, you need to have minimum three every day,
  • Consume carbs and vegetables together,
  • Eat only fresh fruit on an empty stomach,
  • Don't eat carbs with proteins and fat,
  • You need to let three hours pass before you change your combinations.

If you are following this, you will see good results very soon.  I am glad because you have positive experience with this diet.

Nice job.



Hello there,

I do follow the seven rules about this somersizing eating plan. I know several persons that have used this plan successfully in the past. Also, I know a several of them that were not that successful. So, any diet plan works If it fits into our lifestyle program. You should not expect any miracles to happen.

I am happy, because it works so fine for me! I follow the rules, I eat four meals per day... So, I think weight loss is possible with Somersizing, but you need to learn how to combine food.

I am still learning.

Keep somersizing!