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Hello girls,

anyone with experience with somersizing diet plan and positive results?

I have a few questions about this diet plan.

How to eat the right food on a somersizing diet? What should I know? Any tips or advice for me and other girls who want to know more about this diet program?

I know I need to combine my food. I have a list of groceries that I can combine with other groceries.

But, I really love to eat fat-free cheese. Can I eat it with my carbs or not? I think this might be amazing dinner after fitness.

Tell me what you know about this.

Thank you!



somersizing diet is a low carb diet. Like the Atkins diet, it eliminates sugar, potatoes, corn and white flour. But somersizing diet is about combining groceries. So, you should eat fruits on an empty stomach, vegetables with carbs, proteins and fats, but you need to avoid fats, proteins and carbs in one meal.

Basically, that is it! Very easy and very simple to do.

I think you can eat fat-free cheese, but first you need to check the ingredients list. Some of these products are full with things that you really don't need to eat.

If you want to eat this meal, eat it for your breakfast.

Good luck!



Hi guys,

I don't like this diet very much, I don't know really why. But, I just don't like it. I think there is much better diets that we can follow. I think that sometimes we need to combine fats, proteins and carbs in one meal. Somersizing diet program will not allow you this.

It is hard even to learn what to combine, what meals are good for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is hard if you don't have any list.

Sometimes I just don't have time to think what I can combine and what to avoid.

That is my opinion about this diet program.

Best wishes!