plz I need help. Was in vacation in Virginia in June, the beach in July. Presented to hospital July 15 with migraine and getting bit at night by something. Had the house bombed 2x and still kept getting bit. Dog treated but no signs of fleas, or mange. Saw derm. with no skin test and diagnosed scabies. had 2 doses of Elimite and an oral Stromectin. Things got a little better but continued to get bit. I have been to my doctor 2x, emergency room 2x but have been unable to get a clear answer on this. Either the thing is very small and white (or the larvae or what ever is) which I can sometimes see with a magnifying glass. . I pick up things with tape which look like little little tiny white things but have no feet, legs...I took son to emergency room seperately and started again with the things under skin.(same hospital as migraine-could be concidence.) I am starting to have allergic reactions that affect my joints because they are swelling. Please don't tell me it is in my head, I have the actual pin prick bites and pain in the joints. I am getting counseling next week to deal with this but at this point I don't know were to go and REALLY NEED SOME HELP. Plz tell me where to go next. It is really affecting my life.