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Hi I’m 15 in may and have a tight foreskin it doesn’t hurt during masturbation and I’m a virgin and had no role play action but I’m really insecure about doing things with a girl now because of this it doesn’t hurt never has but Iv never tried pulling it back as I’m hard it’s a small hole from the head of my penis and I have heard of the pull back way to fix it in the shower I think I’m going to try starting that for now but I’m to scared to ask anyone about it plz help someone ?? 


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Hi Hayden,

Phimosis is quite common especially with kids your age. usually the foreskin loosens as you start going through puberty. have you started puberty yet? if so how long ago? can you pull back your foreskin at all when your penis is flaccid? how much of the glans (head) can you see when you try to retract it?