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I have had a sore under the foreskin (where, when the foreskin is retracted, it meets with the penis head. )

I have had it for a long time, to my memory even before I became sexually active AT ALL. My first time was 4 weeks ago, before that I have received only . As far as I remember, my very first sexual experience was receiving oral during the 2005-2006 winter.

This sore will not heal. I have tried putting Neosporin on it to make it heal, but with the foreskin over it, it does not allow any air to dry it up. It isn't painful, just looks weird. It is maybe 3mm in diameter.

Any way to help it heal?


i have this too...if u find any cure or ointment can u help me too? please.


I think you need to be seen by a doctor.
There are any number of possibilities that it could be, include herpes, cold sore, a cyst, a genital wart, etc.

A trained eye is needed.

PS: Even though you claim you were not sexually active, you describe RECEIVING. Receiving what? Kisses? Oral Sex? Hand jobs? Any can convey an STI or STD.

That's what we describe any of the above actions as SEXUALLY ACTIVE!!!