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about a week ago i was engaged in sexual intercourse with my partner and i did not use a condom. During intercourse my foreskin began to hurt so we stopped. I did not think much of it at the time, but a couple days later it was bothering me so i checked it out. On the inside of my foreskin was a little tear. I have to fold my foreskin back to see it... it is almost a centimeter in length and 1/3 in width... It does not really bother me that much, and even when i get erect it does not really hurt, but its been a week and it hasnt healed much. I have been cleaning it 3 times a day and using neosporin on it... i can see the raw flesh just like you would if you cut yourself... it does not bleed but just stings a little bit when i touch it. I dont think it is a big deal but i really want as much advice as possible. What should i do? do i need to get stitches and see a doctor? any other remedies so it can heal? I am a bit self-concious about it so i dont really wanna go to the doctor. but like i said it isnt that bad, just doesnt look like its healing very fast... please give as much advice as possible. Thank you!


dont worrie about it...unless on ya foreskin is seriously hurtin u should just let it heal. only become a problem if it cut to bleeding or till it cut of and u dont want that..just let it heal..shag less if possible..

hope it helps..x