On 4/23/11, I previously posted a comprehensive-repuperating-descriptive analysis and guidelines for recovery shortly after my sphincterotomy surgery, which assisted in the healing of an anal fissures. It's been almost 2 months since that medical intervention (which originally had me in fear of recovering) but I must say that even though the recovery, to be quite honest, was brutal and torturing, it was well worth sticking out the pain and anxiety to be able to eventually return to a lifestyle of normalcy. I no longer have pain, only occasional soreness. My very competent surgeon has had nothing but perpetually-encouraging news reports upon our follow-up visits. If I could view what is going on down below, I might be able to make similar assessments, so he acts as a vehicle in my behalf. Mainly some of my current techniques and strategies are as follows; resist from returning to the poor eating habits and way of life-etc. that created this fissure issue in the first place. Just to mention a few: avoid anything or foods that creates constipation (google foods etc. that constipate.) If a stool is hard to pass, it is going to employ pain, which will delay. restrict and reduce the healing of both the recovering sphincter and fissures; Drink Plenty of water and fluids, ingest no low insoluble foods and carbohydrates such as: breads, white anything, etc., consume a diet of high fiber foods, stool softeners, Metamucil capsules, psyllium hulks, magnesium & multi-vitamin supplements, chew all foods to the consistency of a liquid, deep breathing exercises (especially at a bowel release) apply .02% nitroglycerin ointment if prescribed, and a lengthy-list of recovery techniques you will find on the internet. Keep stress and activity to a minimum.  Mainly, keep the faith knowing that eventually this suffering will pass. The recovery for some is very minute and slowly progressive.  

Remain confidant, knowing that in time, this surgical procedure will eventually restore the ailment and you will be able to regain a once wholesome and product existence. Pay attention to the doctor's advices, they have the knowledge, experience and assist many other patients who have the same issues for guiding the recovery of this vitally needed-reconstructive-treatment. To enlighten any misunderstood communications, Google, research and ask any answers you might have. Don't hesitate to seek help from anyone who is skillful in any or all of the restoration therapies related to this gainful improvement, especially pay attention to the doctors that might have clues for rehabilitation of this recovery. Once recovered, resist any bad habits that contributed to this situation in the first place. Get plenty of rest and sleep, and always feel confident knowing that your not alone and that getting well is on its way. There is more important work to do in the future. You have the right to be restored to a gainful life.
Take good care of yourself. 
All the best.