Hello friends Anal fissures are a horror. During my last constpation episode. I nearly wanted the skies to open and have Jesus come down and just take me away. I almost fainted and was taken to emergency because pain was just unbearable. Doctors wouldn't touch me  because I was whailing in pain. Put some numbing creme and sent me home. Visually they saw I had hemroidds but I kept insisting it was a different pain. It was tears.. anal fissures. After researching things online. I realized it was anal fissures. I read and read and learned about them. I got depressed to know that the surgeries for this were not 100% and many who have done it say think about it first. That terrirized me, so i started doing and trying everything I could to heal these fissures especially when i read that they usually heal themselves, but there were certain steps and things you must avoid for them to heal faster than just to sit and wait.

Well. What is working for me I found after 1 month of this freakin hell on earth pain. Is that I fasted first for 2 weeks. Giving myself time to heal. Water, fruits ( mostly bananas and melons)) and veggies. Aloe vera juice, 1 tablespoon of olive oil daily chicken noodle soups and miso soup ( japanese) Soup ( actually made with soybeans) didnt know that. 

Also I would place olive oil on my anus with a soft paper towel, and lay down with a heating pad on my butt to relax  those sharp horrible pains. Olive oil has healing agents and is anti inflamitory.so while it was healing my fissures and keeping my anus moist to avoid cracking, it was also helping my hemrroids a bit. Pain was less, much less. Every single other ointment burned me. I spent a couple bucks buying anything and everything for healing, nothing worked.. so I went all natural. Warm baths ( sitz bath ) with epsome salt,  also helped after bowel movements for as long as I stayed in there, but not for long periods pf relief, Generally Id do this to clean myself after the bowel movement instead of using paper to wipe, also a warm water helps with inflamation. Also i would take ibuprophen  or neoproxin given to me by my doctor for pain and it does not constipate like other pain killers but honestly neoproxin helped very little  but it did relax me n put me to sleep for some reason. Thank God I am a stay at home mom. They would have fired me from work with this ordeal. . 

During the 2 weeks I lost almost 10 lbs  i was not a heavy girl so I did not like my look but I don't  care about it, the pain is worse than the way I may look.  Well when I  finally went,  my stool was soft but not as soft as I would have wanted it to be obviously theres a bigger issue with my  body digesting food since I had really not eaten anything. But to my surprise the pain after the bowel movement was much less from a hellish 10 to a 3 I swear I cried of happiness. I even continued with my daily functions, without hVing to lay down for hours before feeling better.. .  Only a lil obonoxious burning but nothing like before. I've learned thethe longer you take to go, the faster you will heal since the area is being left alone for reconstruction,  lol. Now I am slowly adding more foods still keeping stools as soft as possible. I have fasted a couple times already, altogether with this experience I have lost almost 20lbs.. in fear of eating and avoiding that pain to ever return. My pains are very  tolerable. Still if i stand to long they atart itching and throbbing, but it is tolerable. Until i hope i have completely healed.Oh and absolutely no bleeding. At first time with anal fissures there was alot of blood. My friends and alot of prayer.. prayer prayer prayer does work. I even went to church for the first time in years for healing. I am sure that had lots to do with my healing process. I pray for all of you dealing with this issue, I had never ever heard of. It is crippling, life changing and very depressing and torturous. May we all find some peace from this with eachothers remedies. God Bless you all. *aloe vera  ( from plant ) also helped as an anal compress. 

Hope this helps someone. 

I decided to comment because someone posted and helped me as well. I wish noone to have this pain.