I'm new at this so I apolagies if I put this in the wrong spot but I need some advice on my relationship . In February my partner told me that he had cheated on me with a chick who I'd come to know through friends, anyway I was told on a Saturday night I left our apartment and went to a friends. my partner 27 and I end up making love the next night and all through the week as we figured out what to do . The relationship ended as he walked out on me for her but I've now found out in pregnant and the two of them have started a relationship , he knows and his half happy it wasn't the plan we both had but when do things ever go to plan My dilemma is I bought him food because he had none and he invited me in to our old apartment we talked for hours and end up sleeping together 3 times and I returned later at 3 am and stayed the night , he wants to keep it a secret because he feels guilty for cheating I enjoyed what happened because I love him and he is the father of our in born child but I feel guilty about what I've done to her and I dont want to hurt her or lie about a night we both enjoyed , I no if I tell her there is a risk of him walking out of the childs life but my morals tell me she shouldn't get hurt for our problems What should I do