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Last month I had light brownish red spotting that lasted 2 days and then I spotted one day this month. I cramp all the time like i am going to start but nothing happens. I also can come in from work sit down on the couch and then before I know what happens my husband is waking me up, I fall asleep at the drop of a hat,. I also took a pregnancy test which was negative. What is wrong. Could I be pregnant. Please pray that I am. WE ARE REALLY EXCITED BUT NOT EXCITED IF THAT MAKES SINCE. DON'T WANT TO GET OUR HOPES UP!!!! %-)


ive been going samething me first month i spotting for 3 days light pink then brown and my body not like that and have nusa cramp super tierd  and my tummy super big i took a test came out negtive and this month i start agin spotting very light am the same i want to be to now i keep waking up middle night being hungery and theristy but my body like clockwork and my cycle i dont have light ?????