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The only product that is the most similar is the Blu Impact and Black Ace. There are lots of fakes in the market. Here is a list of them:

Ephedra and Ephedrine diet pills are scientifically proven to melt fat and raise metabolism without diet or exercise.
Xenadrine RFA-1, Metabolife 356, Hydroxycut, Metabolift, and more.

HEAT SCA Stack will give you the strong stimulant effect of pharmaceutical grade diets. Contains also Cayenne Pepper, the secret ingredient Beyonce used for her role in "Dreamgirls." It is all natural and will not give you the side effects of the pharmaceutical ones. Go to to get the real ones.

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And how do you know? Have you tried all this pills? Ok if you were using Ephedra did you have any side effects? My godmother was using them and she had severe headaches and no results. The other friend has tried with Hydroxycut and the results were poor. Besaides this she couldn't sleep. As soon as she had stop using them she was sleeping like a baby. 

And I have never heard that Beyonce was using any diet pill ever. She has personal trainer and adjusted nutrition so she doesn't need to drink some pills especially because of the role in the movie. 

I used to be fat but I started to work out and now I look great. There are no consequences when you take care of yourself on the right way. And there is only one good way to lose weight and stay healthy and that is natural way.