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I am 15 and have had this problem for going on 3 years now.I first noticed it as a small sore type thing around my arm pit.When it got worse i went into the doctors and he said it was HSP.He said that HSP would go away on its own within a year.I returned a year later and the rash has still not gone.I went to a dermatologist and she did a byopsiey(where they take a plug of tissue with the rash on it).The dermatologist did not know what it was and sent me away knowing nothing.I have see my normal doctor a few times and still nothing.I have a another appointment with a dermatologist sometime soon.So i was wondering if someone here could give me some ideas i could pass by there doctor when i go see her.

I know this is a big post but being a sophomore in high school dose not make this any easier.I have to wear long sleeve shirts because its on my arms some times and i cant go swimming in the summer.

The rash is normally on my wrists, arms, armpits, stomach, Badly on my groin and thy, the back of my knees, and on my feet bad too.
its red and is usually dry.I have tried many creams too.

As of now no doctors have been able to help me.So any information anyone has would help me very much.

Thank you


i have a very similar situation by the sounds of it i too have had a biopsy and my derm does not have a clue what it is.. did u get any answers? please get back to me


Hey Dillion, my gosh you sound like a young version of me,

I'm 26 years old and have the same problem as you, ever since i was 9 years old I have had these rashes too , on my legs,face,arms, stomach,hands,fingers, and feet.

I have had so many tests done and been on antiobiotics (tablets too) had swabs blood tests and seen doctors and have had no results, the swab (it came back clear).

when I was your age I would dread going to school with them as well, I have to wear pants to cover up my sores on my legs, i cant wear many dresses,shorts and swimming is nerve racking because my skin is exposed. (my favourite thing to do is swimming) I wish I could help Dillion but your not alone in this. mine is red too

good luck